Thursday, November 23, 2006

Now Where Will The New Congress Lead Us

Since the elections are now over and the majority party has shifted, what will become of our efforts to restore the security of our homeland and the borders? With the Democratic party firmly entrenched in the house and senate, it will take our collective effort to push our cause. We cannot take the issue off the table. The new mindset will be to push the guest worker program forward as a way to settle this issue. We cannot surrender to this logic since it will only bring hordes of people into our already over taxed, over populated, degrading state.

The only thing we now have going for us is that the power of the veto still remains with us. The Democrats can pass the bills but cannot override a Presidential veto. Their numbers are not large enough to do so. That is why we must continue our efforts with a ferver not yet seen. We cannot capitulate.