Saturday, August 20, 2005

Situation looking up

Yesterday I had the chance to speak with several members of the local and State political machine. The conversation about illegal immigration top of the list. The California Border Police being the subject of the day. I was told by these political leaders that the idea is a great one for this State and that it is going to be pursued vigorusly.

This constitutional ammendment will allow for the creation of a police force specifically targeting illegal immigration issues. Interior enforcement, employer sanction and denial of benefits to those here illegally. I was most excited. Finally a positive step to save this state from the continual seepage of our tax dollars to those who have no right to it.

Simply stated, if you are in this country illegally, we will use any and all measures to track you down and deal with you appropriately. This could mean jail time and exportation or simply exportation. No more anchor babies to pave the way. By incorporating these ideas to our constitution it should do much to ensure we will no longer be the haven these leaches have grown to exploit. I am enthused as ever.

To this end, petitions will be circulated for the public to sign. 600,000 signatures will be required to make this happen. I urge you to take part and ease yourself of the traffic burdens, astronomical housing costs and taxation beyond belief. Rise up and protect those things that we hold dear. Better education, freedom to travel our roads and freedom to keep more of what we work so hard to earn.

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