Sunday, February 27, 2005

Thats the feeling

Subject: An American

This was forwarded to me and reminds me of when my father was assigned to train a class of Saudi's in polypropylene processing at the Exxon Chemical facility in Baytown, Texas back in 1980. This was an established chemical processing facility that had been there for decades. When the Saudi's came to Baytown, Texas to be trained in the processing of polypropylene plastics, the American staff was ordered by the execs of Exxon to not eat or drink in front of them during Ramadan. Special rooms had to be built for prayer even though the young trainees were out in the local bars all night long. Hangovers had to be treated as fatigue for honoring the daily fasting. We all lived over there and we have all seen it time and time again. Habla de Espanol? Tatkallam Arabie?

Today, I was contacted by two people. One lives over 1000 miles north of me, and one lives 800 miles south of me. The southern one applied for a job in a Florida license bureau. She was asked if she could speak Spanish, she said no. She took the test last week and was told she would be told this week if she made the grade. She got the call today, that she didn't get the job because she does not speak Spanish. The other friend, in the north was given a notice today, they are terminating her in two weeks because she does not speak Spanish. She's been with this company for over three years. They knew she didn't speak Spanish when they hired her. Something is wrong with this picture. Do we have a case of discrimination here or not? Show me ONE other country that you can move to that will make THEIR people take courses so that you can communicate with them!

First of all, if you go to get tags or a license, how the hell are you going to take a test or fill out paperwork and pass if you don't read English? Or are we now giving out tests in Spanish in this country? If we are, shame on us. If you ARE given a license, how are you going to read the road signs? Secondly, there is a man who I met with his two and a half year old son. The boy began speaking Spanish. When I looked at the dad, he said, "They're teaching him that in PRE-SCHOOL!!I'm damn sick and tired of hearing about how we American's are supposed to bend down and kiss someone's ass from another country. I'm sick and tired of people telling me they are being forced to take Spanish courses. Like cops, ambulance drivers, etc. WHY? Let me ask this question.....WHAT is an American? Think about it before you answer. Just because you move to America does NOT make you an American. You RESIDE in America, that's all. If you do not speak English, you are NOT an American. If you cannot read English, you are NOT an American. You are only living here. IF we move to Mexico, are they going to teach English is all their schools to accomodate the American's? Do you think their cops learn English? Ambulance drivers? I don't think so. If we move to Germany, do you think the people there are going to have to take English so they can "communicate" with us? I don't think so. What the hell has happened in this country? America; the land of the free, but for WHOM? It sure isn't the American's. REAL American's.I'm a citizen and if someone told me I either had to learn Spanish or lose my job, you can damn well bet there would be hell to pay. I would slap a discrimination charge on them in a heartbeat. My generation is in their 40's today, they weren't "forced" to speak Spanish, but what about their kids? My grandkids? Your grandkids? I say enough is enough. I'm fed up with all this crap. What's next? Are we going to see our English language go out the back door? WHY should we? We are American's. We are not Mexicans, we're not Arabs. English is the language in this country. If we should be speaking any other kind of language other than English, it should be what the Indians used. After all, this was their country.It's time this US of A starts doing something before we become a foreign country. I'm too old to worry about it for myself, but the kids and grandkids of this country are the ones who will suffer. One day they won't remember their own heritage. Slowly, piece by piece, bit by bit, it's being taken away from them. It's being taken from us piece by piece also, but most of us are retired and don't have to worry about where we work.

If you are fed up like I am, write your congressman, write your government, write your local newspaper. Speak up. No one else is going to. I am one fed up REAL American. My grandparents were born here, my parents, myself. That makes my family REAL American's. Many in my family served this country in different wars. That makes them REAL American's. I'll be damned if I'm going to bend down and kiss some foreigner's ass just because they can't speak my language. I am not going to stand still on this issue. It is wrong. You know it is wrong. I know it is wrong. And it is not going to get better until the people who are real American's stand up and say, "We've had enough." For those who don't like the way we REAL American's feel, there are airplanes leaving every half hour or hour from the airport near you. May I suggest you get your ass on one and go back to where you came from.

One pissed off REAL American