Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Degradation of life in California

Illegal Immigration Costs California $10.5 Billion Annually

I am a native Californian, having lived in the Southern California area for the last 46 years. I am discusted with the degradation of life in the formerly beautiful Southland.

In the past ten years or so, I have witnessed the degradation of life due to the massive influx of undocumented (illegal) immigrants that have flooded our society. These people are sucking the life out of this State and are costing the productive tax payers millions, if not billions of dollars to support them.

These people have flooded our schools, overwhelmed our hospitals and flooded the social services intended for the legal, tax paying residents of this State and Country.

I work in healthcare at a local Southern California hospital. I see daily the expenses we are bearing to provide medical care to these illegal squatters. The majority of the patients we see are hispanics, most of which do not speak english, do not have social security cards and are not contributing to the tax roles. These people take all of what we have to offer and provide nothing in return. Most of them getting belligerant, when I do not speak thier native tounge in an attempt to assist them.

This State is now eighth from the bottom in test scores for our schools. Most schools are crowded beyond capacity, degrading the quality of education for our own children. Costs for the burden these people put on our society is more costly to us than just dollars and cents. The vast number of these people will never be educated. It is hard to educate people who don't speak the language of the Country in which they reside. What then? what will this State look like in twenty or so years when I look forward to my retirement?

I am tired of all the expense we as taxpayers, are bound to assume. I am tired of those who come to this Country, endulge in our social programs and give nothing in return. I am tired of how the look and quaility of our lives, have began to mirror that of aThird World Country. I am tired of seeing these people hocking their wares on our center medians, freeway off ramps and our neighborhood streets. I am tired of the beligerant nature of these people when I, an American citizen, do not speak their language. I am tired of witnessing these people sucking us dry, all the while waving the flag of Mexico. This is not Mexico. If Mexico is that great, go the hell back and give us a break.

Just this morning, we had a terrible train accident in LA County. Someone decided to park their car on the tracks, causing a Metrolink train to derail. This caused the loss of eleven lives with many more injured. Who was responsible? Mr. Alverez (citizen?) I strongly doubt it.

Today, we are in a fight with some of the liberal members of the State Assembly, namely One bill Cedillo who is fighting like hell to provide drivers licenses to the undocumented "citizens" of this State. This must not occur. We cannot legitimize these blood suckers with a drivers license. If these people wish the benefits of a drivers license they need to return to Mexico and try it the legal excepted way of immigrating into this Country. Please visit for additional information on this important issue.

Please take the time to look around and familiarize yourself with this issue. Together, I believe we can take back our State.